A surgeon with extensive experience will work with your nose to create one which fits with your facial features Rhinoplasty small nose Limits of how small I can make a nose Every nose has limits of how big or small it can be made Computer morphing rhinoplasty Be sure your surgeon can deliver on what he says he can do Rhinoplasty under twilight sedation Make sure the doctor is doing this in a Certified office or facility

Flags and Banners

We've created a complete range of flags and banners adaptable to your canopy and your environment. Designed and manufactured according to our values - quality and simplicity - our communication accessories are fully customizable to your colours. Get noticed by choosing high quality products that enhance your brand.

Our complete range of top rated flags and banners are great for indicating events, sporting events, at trade shows, for advertising and more!

  • Optimal visibility
  • Simple set up and transport
  • Adapted to any field
  • Extreme resistance, bends but will not break